Building your social media list

Building your social media list through Facebook is a great way to generate more sales. Because of the social aspect of the list, it will be far more responsive. After all they will get the feeling they know you, so there is a certain aspect of trust involved which you usually don’t have with an ordinary email list.

Everyone is so wound up about trying to rank on Google by using SEO, yet they forget the one website they probably spend the most time on – Facebook. Combine your passion and hobbies while building your online presence at the same time. Talk about a win-win situation.

From adding people to your friendlist, to posting on niche relevant groups, you have so much possibilities when it comes to Facebook marketing. You could try paid ads for cheap and easy likes to your fanpage or group. The great thing about this all is that you actually hook up with like minded people, so you could team up and help each other becoming a more successful social marketer.

Facebook Krusher leverages the social aspect involved to the maximum. It shows you how to create your own ‘buzz’ around you, getting more leads, and meeting like minded people to really kick-start your internet money making dream.

Facebook Krusher simply does it all.


Facebook Krusher Alfredo Delgado shows how to add 20-30 friends per day

Talk about a Facebook Krusher. Alfredo shows you in a video how to add 20-30 friends per day, without getting into Facebook Jail! It is a legit way of connecting to other likeminded people.

The one thing I like is that Alfredo tells you that having a lot of Facebook friends is like having a huge email list. But it’s way more personal. An email will always remain an email. Facebook is so much more social which adds to the trust factor.

This is just a small part of what makes the Facebook Krusher great.  It makes you open your eyes and see that you need to be legit in order to succeed. Stop spamming Facebook pages, mass add friends and whatever the spammers are doing these days. Grow your friendlist with REAL people and you will see REAL returns on your investment.

Want to read a Facebook Krusher review?

Story time…Facebook Krusher changes my brother’s life completely

So I have been kicking b*tt on Facebook using the Facebook Krusher which I reviewed a few days ago. My income went up by about 380% in a matter of days. That is mostly thanks to Alfredo Delgado’s Facebook Krusher but part of it was my stupidity on some areas.

Anyways, my younger brother has been in and out of jail for the last couple of years due to some issues with substances, I won’t tell you any more than that. I’m positive you will understand that. My point is, he has been trying to straighten out his life by applying for several (I should say A LOT) job listings but it just wouldn’t work for him. I tried to help him as well, to get him into the internet marketing business. But we all now this isn’t easy for everybody, you have to ‘get’ it in order to succeed. Super Simple Videos Review might also work for someone in this position.

So how did The Facebook Krusher help my brother?

After reading through the Facebook Krusher several times I understood why it is so successful to many. It is laid out for you in such an easy and understanding way that pretty much anyone can implement the ideas and strategies Alfredo shows you in his tutorials. So I took a gamble and tried to get my brother on top of this product ASAP. He loved it. He finally understood what I was saying to him this whole time.

So what ended up happening? He found some great niches he was already interested in, but like a lot of ‘normal’ internet users they don’t or can’t see the golden nuggets behind their every day lives. Well that changed quickly. He canceled all the upcoming job interviews he had, simply because he is already making more than enough money from the internet, Facebook in particular.

It makes me feel proud that I have helped a very close family member that was struggling. But the most important part of this is that it gives me real life proof that ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE can enter the internet marketing game and become a work-from-home person.

So what are you waiting for? Have you purchased it yet? Tell me how you feel about the product!

Haven’t bought it yet? Check out the product page at least.

By the way, Alfredo is launching a new product! Be sure to check the review out once it is online on this website: FB Viral Blitz Formula Review – Alfredo’s new product

Facebook Krusher’s Alfredo Delgado shows new car! Proof Facebook Krusher works

The creator of the famous Facebook Krusher review shows off his new car, paid off by income from his strategies! Video below.

This gives us some real life proof, instead of images on the internet showing bank accounts and what not. I’m a big fan of Alfredo and his choice of car is excellent, I must say.

This surely shows us that if you work hard, with a great marketing plan and good strategies (You’ll get that with the FB Krusher!) you can achieve great things.

Gave us all some motivation, didn’t it? Facebook Krusher surely works, for everyone willing to put it in action!



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Facebook Krusher Review – Does it Work?

Hello there. If you stumbled upon this website you’ve undoubtedly heard about the new and upcoming product; FB Viral Blitz Formula.

The Facebook Krusher does exactly what the name says, it crushes Facebook. There are some serious loopholes within Facebook’s design and you should make total use of them. I know I am, after reading the Facebook Krusher over and over again.

Alfredo Delgado, creator of the Facebook Krusher

Soon after Alfredo Delgado (the creator of the Facebook Krusher) implemented his own new strategies he became a top affiliate marketer in a wide variety of niches. Eventually he got tired of people struggling on a daily basis, so he decided to create the Facebook Krusher.

Thankfully I got access to the product a little earlier than expected, so I know all the ins and outs and frankly I shouldn’t even share all of this information because it is that valuable. But what the heck.

So what is The Facebook Krusher made of and how can you (ab)use it to gain monetary wealth?

Facebook Krusher Product - Legit review

  • Learn how to gain 100+ friends/followers PER DAY without getting into ‘Facebook Jail’
  • Learn how to build a responsive list – expect 20 to 30 + leads per day
  • How to convert those leads into sales coming right in to your bank account(s).
  • It shows you different ways to get more traffic to your fanpages
  • How to post in Facebook Groups – Shows you how to stand out from the usual crowd.
  • No extra cost software in any shape or form

Facebook Krusher feature list


Let’s get down to the actual content of the Facebook Krusher. It consists of three products, with each their own content and modules. I will list them in order and explain them briefly for you:


  • Module 1 – Why use Facebook for marketing? This module explains you why you should use Facebook for a lot of your marketing endeavors.
  • Module 2 – Personalization and Self Branding.  Why it is important to establish yourself in your own market and how to make yourself stand out from the usual crowd.
  • Module 3 – Adding 20-30 Friends per day on Facebook. NOTE: This means 20-30 potential new leads for you. Not just some random folks you don’t know and can’t use.
  • Module 4 – Power Posting Krusher Style. How you should go around posting on Facebook. Be it your own Facebook, someone else’s, or on a good niche page to pull leads.
  • Bonus #1 – This is just gold. You get access to a recently recorded Live Webinar with the creator of the product, Alfredo Delgado and his close group of marketers. Some real proof shown.
  • Bonus #2 – Some more golden nuggets! You get access to the Facebook Krusher Members Only Facebook Group.


  • Module 6 – Flipping the Facebook Algorithm. I’m not going into detail about this because I don’t want this spoiled or fixed!
  • Module 7 – How to use Video Marketing on Facebook. Some great strategies shown for people who are in to Video Marketing. Who isn’t?
  • Module 8a – How to leverage Facebook Events for more revenue and leads.
  • Module 8b – Goes a little more in depth about Video Marketing, especially Value Based Videos.
  • Module 9 – You get access to a Live Group Chat. I’m sure this isn’t one time only, it’ll be a members only recurring Group Chat.


As far as I’m concerned if you have the money, either up front or from using the Facebook Krusher techniques then you should think about trying the coaching program Alfredo offers. It’s a one on one coaching program. It’ll help anyone from a beginner to the veteran. Even seasoned internet marketers like to discuss with and hear from other successful internet marketers simply because everyone is different. It gives you the opportunity to see a situation similar to yours through the eyes of someone else.

And if you’re new to the game, you could ask any question you want and you’d get a great answer from a seasoned veteran like Alfredo. This is worth the money big time.

How did The Facebook Krusher help me?

After using his strategies and ideas for a little while I can see great changes on a daily basis. My friend/fan count on a wide variety of pages has increased by tenfold. My inbox is never empty again, I have a lot of incoming leads that are just waiting for me to finish. Talk about a true Facebook Krusher.

To be honest, I could go on and on about the Facebook Krusher but I want to spare your precious time. You should definitely buy this product and make total use of it. If you’re into Facebook marketing in any form whatsoever, this product WILL help you. If you’re new to the game or not – this is a wise step in order to gain more monetary wealth. Look at the picture below, from the creator of the product himself

FB Krusher Earnings report

Alrighty, that’s it for me talking about this product. I’m going back to marketing Facebook with the Facebook Krusher


Facebook Krusher,